sâmbătă, 9 octombrie 2010

The new ROM

ROM 100% Romanian. Now with an American flag!

Jesus Christ, what's this world coming to? It's like saying that french fries are 100% American. Now many people are wondering why they decided to change the pack so suddenly. Well, unless the guys from the marketing department are real stupid, this whole thing is gonna last only for a short period of time. People will start to realize what they lost and after they'll change the packiging back sales are going to increase significantly. It's clever, it's original and it might just work.

At some point in the future sales are probably gonna start dropping again, because that's just how these economics stuff work. Well, in case that happens, I have a suggestion for a similar campaign: RROM: 100% rromânesc mânca-ţ-aş!

Hmm, it just hit me: why the hell did I write this in English?

4 comentarii:

Sorin spunea...

Fuse la misto asta!Ca sa atraga atentia! Tare strategia, nu?

Falvo spunea...

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