vineri, 18 februarie 2011

Altă propunere de afaceri

Acum câteva luni primeam un forward de la un prieten care conţinea o "propunere de afaceri". Cam generoasă, după părerea mea. Prea generoasă. Probabil din cauza asta nici unul dintre destinatarii ei nu a pus botul. Acum câteva zile am mai primit un forward cu o propunere, tot de la un ghanez, care în realitate probabil e nigerian, croită după acelaşi model. Dar văzând că argumentele raţionale (să zicem) nu au ţinut la prima încercare, de data asta s-a gândit că ar fi mai bine să apereze la latura sentimentală şi la religie. Ba chiar de data asta plusează: nu mai oferă doar 50%, ci 60%. Enjoy!

Dear Beloved

I'm a Reverend Father by name Jonathan Cardin, servant of the Lord and the Director of the humanitarian foundation New Era For Orphans Foundation Ghana. This letter comes to you simply because of the circumstances surrounding the death of our late founder we need your help to save and sustain the life of these orphaned children as well as complete the children hospital Building project of our foundation (Orphan Paradise Hospital).

I know as a child of GOD you will handle this process with me in one faith.

Our founder established this foundation to help less privileged people and orphan children in our society which we were doing marvelously before his unfortunate death in 2003, he even laid the foundation for the gigantic hospital project, and since his shocking death we have not been able to proceed with the project due to lack of funds.

Like a miracle from God I have now been called upon by a bank to conduct a standard process investigation and to provide the funds beneficiary to our late founder since he died interstate without a will and no known living relatives now I will need help on this process with the Bank. The essence of this communication with you is to request that you provide me with information/comments on any or all of the issues below as regards nominating you to inherit the fund left behind since you are a foreign er with the same last name hence eligible to stand for claim of the funds.

1. Can you confirm your willingness to accept this inheritance if you are legally and legitimately nominated through my recommendation to the bank and approved to stand as inheritor to this funds.

2.Would you agree to donate 60% of this inheritance to our charity organization for the continued upkeep and securing of a better future for the orphans, if you are officially recommended to the bank in my powers to stand as the Inheritor?

Do write and let me know your interest towards the issues mentioned.

You must appreciate that I am constrained from providing you with more detailed information at this point. Your immediate response affords me the opportunity to provide you with more information on this matter and with your consent proceed with the recommendation to the Bank as the inheritor of the funds.

Remain Blessed
Rev Jonathan

Aşteptăm cu nerăbdare următoarea super-ofertă. Poate răspunde odată vreun fraier la unul dintre mail-urile astea, să nu ne mai deranjeze hacker-ii nigerieni... La cât de săracă e lumea acolo, cu banii din contul unui singur european sau american trăiesc ăia un an.

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